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Tips for cleaning after renovation

After a long renovation process, a lot of wood, dust and unwanted garbage may be left over, and your house usually requires thorough cleaning before you can sit down and appreciate your handiwork.

For example, your hardwood floors may be caked in dirt and dust. As a result, you may want to look at a list to find the best vacuum for hardwood floors, in order to be able to deal with the issue effectively.

The following are some cleaning tips to ensure your house is dazzling again after a renovation.

Have enough garbage bags

The first step when cleaning a house after a renovation is making sure that you have enough stand-up garbage bags at your disposal. This is essential, as having the appropriate garbage bags usually makes a huge difference in the cleaning process. This may seem like a no-brainer (and it is), but you may underestimate how many bags you will need! The best bags are thick, durable garbage bags that stand on their own, saving you a lot of precious cleaning time in return.

Spreading a drop cloth

This is important as it protects the floor and furniture from dust, dirt and scratches when cleaning. It’s easy to forget or be lazy and not cover your room and furniture when renovating or decorating. But spreading a drop cloth will reduce your cleaning time in the long run. Instead of cleaning your furniture and carpet, merely lift up the sheet after you have vacuumed or cleaned up.

Cleaning the walls

The walls retain a lot of dust after renovating and for you to ensure that your house is clean you will have to clean them too. You can do this by dry dusting in instances where you recently painted them. If the walls were not painted during the renovation, you can simply clean them using a wet towel. Likewise, if you have wallpaper, you can use a vacuum cleaner to clean them.

Cleaning your floors and furniture

The best way of cleaning any hardwood floors or pieces of furniture that were wrapped up is using vacuum cleaner, as it will leave no traces of dust. You may also need lots of damp cloths to clean furniture, fixtures, and fittings. You also want to start with a sturdy dustpan and brush, which you can use to pick up all of the large pieces of debris that have been left behind.

Cleaning your windows

Make sure you clean your windows thoroughly both inside and outside. This will really help your house to shine after a renovation. If you live in a high-rise building, consider hiring professional window cleaners to do the job for you.

Cleaning your bulbs and other light fixtures

Bulbs also get dirty during a renovation and can hold a lot of dust. If you do not replace your bulbs after a renovation, wipe them and the light fixtures. Again, as with many other household jobs, a damp cloth will be your best friend.  Simply pat them down, and you could also use some cleaning fluid if you think it is necessary. Before cleaning your light fixtures, make sure that they are not connected to the electricity. Perhaps think about taking them down before you dust them, for safety and in order to clean them more effectively.


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