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How to achieve a dust free home

When it comes to home cleaning, it’s always important to keep your rooms free from dust. After all, dust can cause a wide range of health conditions, and not just allergies and simple skin irritations here. We’re talking asthma and other serious respiratory diseases that could threaten the health of everyone in the house. You will need to make your home dust-free if you want to protect your family’s health. However, the task can be daunting, considering the fact that particles such as dust mites and construction residue are almost invisible to the human eye. These tips are a good start to having a dust-free home.

1. Vacuum at least once a week

Here’s a no-brainer. The best way you can keep your home dust-free is to vacuum critical areas as frequently as possible. For this, you can schedule a weekly vacuuming for the living room as well as the kitchen. Focus on fabrics such as your curtains and rugs. You will need a quality vacuum cleaner for the job to ensure a thorough purge of dust mites and other harmful particles.

2. Clean out hard-to-reach places

Dust can settle anywhere, including narrow gaps between the floorboards and even the keyboard of your desktop computer. It’s difficult to clean them out, but you know you have to if you want a home that’s dust-free.

You can use a thin nozzle to suck out dust that fell through these gaps. This will result in a more thorough clean and ensure that not a single speck remains.

3. Buy an anti-microbial doormat

Who knows what’s under your shoes when you step inside your home. One thing’s for sure, you will need to keep outdoor particles such as pollen, dirt, and grime from entering your humble abode.

For this, you can simply get a doormat that can capture these dangerous particles that cling to your footwear. You won’t have to worry about bringing dust inside ever again.

4. Keep your pets outdoors

If you love pets, you probably have no issues with them sleeping on the couch or even your bed. However, their fur can spread dust indoors, especially if your cat or dog has spent a long time outside.

It’s best to leave your pet outdoors or have it groomed regularly to get rid of dander, dust mites, and other microscopic particles.

5. Clean out your bedroom

Dust can easily settle on fabrics. This is the reason why your bedrooms are favorite places for dust to rest on. That being said, you will have to keep your beddings and pillow covers clean using water that’s warm enough to kill off dust mites.

Another good thing about this is that you are left with cleaner sheets that will definitely result in a good night’s sleep.

6. Keep the air dry

Moist air provides the ideal conditions for allergens to thrive. Moreover, dust mites are known to survive longer in high humidity. To prevent them from multiplying any further, you will have to lower the humidity inside your home.

With a dehumidifier, you can keep the moisture in the air to a minimum and prevent the spread of minute particles. These tips will definitely result in a dust-free home, although you will need ample time to apply them. Otherwise, you can call us up so we can dust off your home for you.


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