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Real People - Real lifehacks

  1. Let the Roomba vacuum while I clean so I can mop right away.

  2. Uses dryer sheets for dusting blinds.

  3. Put on some music! Makes the work much less difficult

  4. Involve your kids! You cant make it fun, and also give them good habits

  5. Pick up after yourself all day. Make it a habit and you won't be left with a huge mess later

  6. Plan it before you begin, this makes sure that you didn't miss anything!

  7. Do at least 1 load of laundry every day; saves you from spending an entire day (or weekend) catching up on a week's worth of dirty clothes for larger families

  8. Set a cleaning timer. 10 minutes in each room. No more, no less. Do not leave or stray. It's amazing what you can accomplish when focused and racing the clock

  9. Scrub down the shower walls, I polish them with lemon oil. It shines them up, and repels water & soap scum to make future cleaning much easier & less frequent

  10. Nail polish remover will take permanent marker off of plastic and a white board marker will take it off of white boards

  11. Hydrogen peroxide on blood. Pour straight on to the blood and it will literally lift the blood off.( We really hope you wont need this tip)

  12. Use the dishwasher for more than dishes. When it isn't quite full, fill it the rest of the way with things like stove burners, vases, candlesticks and even children's plastic toys contained in a mesh bag.

  13. Hire a cleaner if it's too much work for you


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