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Why using gypsum is a smart choice?

We are committed to a personal and dedicated service that does not burn a hole in your pocket. Attention to detail and a choice of quality materials is very important to us. We can do gypsum ceilings, wall units, partitions, and more for domestic and commercial properties.

Details matter

A home is not complete without small details that reflect your personality. Malta enjoys glorious weather, but with it, some difficulties come, like high humidity, and the choice of gypsum will make a considerable difference to durability and ease of maintenance.

We appreciate that you work hard to finish your home as you always dreamed and our team at Star Interiors is on hand to help. In the last few years, the use of gypsum has doubled in Malta, which comes as no surprise.

Different ways to use gypsum

With more people working from home, many choose to divide rooms with gypsum boards and create a home office or gym. Star Interiors has designed and installed many fireplaces and shelving systems, all made from gypsum. Another innovative way to use materials such as gypsum is to develop apertures such as shelves and fireplaces.

Many dreams of a walk-in wardrobe - we can easily create a beautiful wardrobe using gypsum wall units and gypsum shelves.

An excellent way to create a new space in your existing rooms is to use gypsum boards and partition large rooms into more functional areas even with no supporting beams.

Gypsum ceilings breathe new life into your house when the right touch is applied. Elegant minimal design or intricate centrepiece complements your home's furnishings and creates a unique ambience.

Using gypsum this way, you can elevate your home from ordinary to luxury at no significant expense and increase the value should you decide to sell.

If you have a project in mind, give us a shout here.


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