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Tiles are a fantastic and easy way to decorate your living space. New kitchen backsplash, replacing bathroom tiles or creating a stunning floor tile pattern in the hallway will instantly uplift your interiors.

Here are some ideas - it is easier than you may think.


If you want to add some style to your kitchen but don’t have the money to replace your appliances, why not swap out an old backsplash?

One of the most popular ways to use wall tiles is as a splashback is in the kitchen.

Not only do they look great, but they’re also functional and keep stains off your walls! If you’re looking to give your home an instant update, this is one way that won’t break the bank.

Whether you choose white tiles or go for a pattern, you will get an instant stylish upgrade.


Another great way to use wall tiles is in your bathroom.

If you’re looking for maximum impact in your decor, use your bathroom wall tiles in the most creative way you can. For example, if you have a small bathroom - going with dark colours rather than light will make your bathroom luxurious and cosy.

Combining patterns is another popular way to mix up the look and feel of any room, so instead of using standard colours, why not try combining floor and wall tiles in Moroccan fashion? Combining bright colours will make a big difference at a minimal cost.


It’s time to turn up the terrazzo!

Tutti Frutti tiles are a thoroughly modern way to work the trend.

Inspired by the elegant poured floors found throughout Venice, they feature coloured flecks - designed to look like embedded glass fragments - set against an almost-black background.

Sounds a little unconventional, right? Well, these tiles are anything but boring, so they can be used to create truly original spaces, eye-catching, fabulous feature walls and floors.


Another trick to use if your bathroom is small, large tiles are the best way to create an illusion of space.

Large tiles are right on trend in bathroom design – large wall tiles make any room look bigger! Larger tile gives an illusion of depth. You may use this trick to create flawlessly beautiful spaces in other small rooms.

Go for large floor tiles if you want to create a flowing feeling of increased space.


You don’t have to be an interior designer to give your bathroom or kitchen designer look.

There are many ways to add detail that don’t cost much – you could use a simple border or try something more complicated like creating your pattern or mosaic. Creating mosaic in outdoor areas such as pool or garden patios is not hard to do, but requires time and patience.

We are a big fan of tiles that create a mixed-up look if you need some help get in touch.


Taking your wall tile decor to another can be achieved through the use of angles.

Arrange your tiles around 90 degrees or 45 to make an interesting pattern – this is very easy if you are using border tiles, but can even work with large wall tiles.

This technique works well in bathrooms without much natural light because it is all about creating shadows and shapes.

We also love this look for counters and worktops in the kitchen. Why be boring? Hexagon tiles are a very modern way to bring a striking design to your kitchen in 2022.


Using colourful wall tiles is an easy way to inject personality and flair into your decor.

We are spoiled for choice, there are so many amazing options on the market – from bright bold colours to metallic accents and glitters.

Another easy way to make a statement is using coloured grout.

Even if you like to keep things simple, the use of colour is a nice way to liven up plain walls and make small spaces beautiful.

Patterned tiles are having a moment and it’s easy to see why - nothing beats a punchy pattern when it comes to pumping up your home’s personality.

Wall tiles are an easy way to get creative with your home decor.

Whether you’re thinking about using them in the bathroom, kitchen or outdoors, tiles can make a big difference in creating a beautiful space that feels cosy and comfortable.

No matter what project you have in mind we hope this post has given you some inspiration for how wall tile can be used creatively in your home design projects.


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