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Interior Design Trends in 2022

Thinking about re-decorating? Updating your kitchen or bathroom? Just bought a new house and you are not sure how to decorate it?

Here is a sneak peek into the top design trends in 2022.

Pale wood

Lightwoods will be a trend material for interiors. This material will be used not only for flooring but also for covering walls and ceilings. Lightwoods in their raw colour and aesthetic will be a highlight for multipurpose spaces.

A nature accent is the dominant design trend of 2022.

Naval Blue


A darker blue colour will be the 2022 trend. The new black proper for creating elegant and contemporary spaces.

The high court of colour, Pantone, has declared Classic Blue its hue of the decade, describing it as “a reassuring presence of times elegance"

Sustainable Design

Interior design trends 2022 will determine a new age in developing sustainable design whether in furniture or fashion.

New bioplastic materials, reused materials and low impact on the environment will be an upcoming design trend. Designers are dared to create pieces with new and unusual materials.

Modern Rustic

Modern Rustic is such a buzz term. Everyone seems to be embracing rustic charm and warmth with modern amenities. A new interpretation of classical times. Celebrating the design pieces that have prevailed by the element of time. Favoured style by designers.

Natural Elements

This will be a huge trend for the upcoming decade, not just the season. We are genetically programmed to find water, plants and trees - the new interior decorating trend will bring all those elements in. 

Natural and organic materials are strongly decorated to remind us of the exterior life, creating mixed interiors with nature. 

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