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How to remodel for kids and pets

If you have kids or pets in your home, don’t forget about them when you start a remodeling project. Here are some tips when considering your beloved two- and four-legged family members during the remodeling process.

Easy access to dishes

To allow kids to participate in kitchen activities, try putting your dishes in a drawer with a pegboard bottom and specially shaped pegs you can position and cradle around your dishes. This will allow your children to set the table independently.

Enclosed Feeding Stations

In most pet-owner kitchens it seems that there is a pet and their bowl which they eat from. Often, they can get in the way of moving around causing tripping or stepping on the pets. Fortunately, you can build a recessed area under the counter or a cabinet, where the pets and their bowls won't be in the way.

Pet Nooks

If you own a pet there is a chance they follow you around all the time. If you set limits and train them early, you might get them to stay away from the kitchen, but when remodeling it can be helpful to consider making a enclosed space or a bed under a window seat. Dogs and cats love spaces like these so they can keep you company.

Bring Nature In

For both kids and animals, being around nature is important for their mental health and blowing off steam. There are a few ways to incorporate nature into your home. Well placed windows and doors can provide visibility of the yard, a comfort to parents who want to monitor their kids or pets when they play.

Easy Fixes

A fresh paint job is one of the easiest things to add to a kids room to provide an exciting new look. There are other quick fixes to consider. For example a new comforter for the bed, a new rug, some shelves. These simple things can change the room considerably.

New Spaces and Niches for Kids

Families changes and the kids grow, so keep scale in mind when designing for kids. Whether you have kids or pets or both, creating a new space and including them in your plans for remodeling can be very useful. As they grow older these spaces can change with your growing family.


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